Riva del Garda - Italy

Spiaggia degli Olivi

Spiaggia degli Olivi, bathhouse and place for social meetings that appeals to liberty and with classics elements, located in the wonderful setting between Garda Lake and the mountains of Trentino. A polyhedric premises of 3500 square meters that changes throughout the day: from the handmade breakfast tho the Eco-Brunch, from the gourmet cafè to the ice cream shop with zero impact , from the aperitif to the Gourmet Dinner , to the after-dinner characterized by live shows where alternate internationally famous artists . And moreover space for exhibitions, galleries, weddings and parties.

A meeting place designed for a sophisticated and attentive to detail and quality public from the Trentino Alto Adige, from the surrounding areas of Garda Lake, Veneto and Lombardy, but also from Central Europe. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming with a strong personality for its design cleverly integrated into the strong historical memory that shines through every architectural detail . Vintage flavors and contemporary style create an international "format " and bring back the historical premises to its former glory with a metropolitan and glamorous accent, deeply-rooted and with timeless charm.

The very impressive chairs are Isire 1215 PO, glossy red lacquered and upholstered with a red imitation leather red tone on tone. In the bar we find the stools Blios 180 SG with the same particular finish.


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