Wroclaw, Poland

Platinum Palace Hotel *****

Wroclaw, situated on the Oder river, is a unique city, consisting of 12 islands connected with 117 bridges.
Located in the historical part of Wroclaw, near the monumental South Park, Platinum Palace combines the exclusivity and prestige of a five-star boutique hotel with an extremely unique atmosphere. In the former Schoeller family residence the interiors have been modernized with the greatest of precision by combining history with modernity. The property has been meticulously refurbished to highlight its unique details while the stucco sculptures remind us of the spectacular character of this place. Contemporary interior design ensures that the hotel is functional while at the same time providing maximum comfort.
For the rooms have been chosen armchairs Isire 1215 PO, with different finishes customized to suit the style of the room.

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