Firenze, Italia

Hotel Ville Sull'Arno *****

Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, the main city of Tuscany, is a hidden treasure, with thousand facets. With its churches and its buildings is the city of art, which houses inside incredible museums, with masterpieces envied by the greatest cities in the world.  It is the home of hospitality as well as the land of wine and good food.
Ville sull'Arno*****, is the perfect resort in Florence, a new Luxury Boutique Resort Hotel, with a wonderfulsection dedicated to wellness, located in an ancient villa along the River Arno, completely renovated in 2013.
The rooms are a blend of style, art, pursuit of wealth and imagination, an ensemble of magnificent details of art and hospitality. Inside we can find the armchairs Geisha, upholstered with a fabric that perfectly integrates with the room.

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