Udine, Italy

Factory Banca Manzano

Factory Banca Manzano is the first case in Italy in which a cooperative credit institution becomes the engine of enterprise offering free spaces for under 35 and for their innovative companies.
The areas dedicated to offices have been treated as a pure workplace pure and are uniform. These places are full of the necessary equipment to start their own entrepreneurial activity but designed to be customized according to the specific professional sector. A large meeting room, with a window over the city, has been included to be used by all new companies, an area in which discussing with clients, proposing projects and establishing working relationships. The relaxation room is an area for a special break for a quick lunch, a relaxed reading or for an informal conversation. The furnishing products have been carefully chosen for the spaces of "Factory Banca Manzano" and inserted to propose a design environment, thus creating a contrast between the old look of the exterior facade of the building and the interior, colorful, dynamic and young. Here you can find chairs and lounge chairs of Nuvò series.

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