Toronto, Canada

Cantina Mercatto

Cantina Mercatto reinvents the underground wine cellar, inspired by sprawling vineyards and coastal Italian resorts. Cantina’s menu speaks to the continued evolution of both the traditional and familiar, paired with creative libations, classic cocktails and a curated mix of flowing wines.
Cantina Mercatto translates to "cellar," the idea here being that aspects of the cellar are brought out into the open. Design by Studio Munge follow the thread of the vineyard theme whimsically. The 5,300-square-foot, 200-seat space encompasses low seating, high tables adjacent to an open kitchen, a bar area, a low-ceilinged grotto-like space and a 32-seat private dining mezzanine.
In the bright interior spaces with beautifully decorated walls, next to the tables with Guatemala green marble top, we find the Plug armchairs in an elegant combination with a walnut-stained ash frame and seat upholstered with black leather.

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