Kasa Karim

The brilliant international designer Karim Rashid debuts his most recent projects and products from Italian and international brands with his latest initiative: Kasa Karim. A space will be created inside Magna Pars Event Space, via Tortona 15. The 800 m2 exhibition area of Magna Pars will be transformed now for the occasion from post-industrial style into a contemporary open space complete with living room, lunch zone, and kitchen and bar, following the well-known American designer’s parameters for a “home”.
Completely redone ad hoc for the occasion, Kasa Karim and Magna Pars will host important presentations and exclusive parties taking place over the course of the week dedicated to the Salone del Mobile. 
The project Tortona.15 & Kasa Karim will shine, offering unprecedented content for the Fuorisalone crowd, ready to queue from the 4th to the 9th April 2017 in Via Tortona, 15 Milan.  Guests are invited to live the unforgettable experience, dive inside the Magna Pars Event Space and be inspired by the “beautiful”, immersive event, which will conquer all the city in the coming days.

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