Interview to the Architect Elena Bozzini

Here you can find a brief interview to the Architect Elena Bozzini, who oversaw the complete renovation of Bianca Maria Palace Hotel Milan.
You can see pictures of the realization visiting the page:

- What is the idea behind this project?
The main idea of the project is to give priority to the re-use of unused buildings considering also the cases when it is necessary to provide for the change of use destination. The goal is to return life to the centers of large cities through the creation of modern and behind the times accommodations, combining cutting-edge hotel proposals and moderate budget. In this context is included the concept of "Bianca Maria Palace Hotel" in Milan where accurate and timely makeover is combined to the highest yield political obtained with minimal intervention, with the aim not secondary, as well as keeping tight budgets, to lower considerably the delivery times.

- Why did you choose the chair Geisha of Cizeta and what are the characteristics that you appreciated?
The choice fell on Geisha armchair because we were looking for a design that combines classic and contemporary at the same time, besides the special elegance of this product that is well married with the concept designed for the rooms of "Bianca Maria Palace Hotel". Being a hospitality facility, also the excellent resistance of the shell to prolonged use thanks to its steel structure has played a key role in the choice.

- What are the new trends for the Italian hotel market?

New trends for the Italian hotel market aim to comfort research using a modern and cozy design, able to revisit and update the classic forms and the use of technology as an essential element of daily lifestyle.

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